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"To me, the Philippines holds so many of the answers about who we are and who we have been as a people. But more important, it holds a lot of promise for discovering and unlocking our futures as well.
"The Philippines is also in such an exciting and unprecedented moment in its growth. People from within the PH and people who have ties to it are growing more and more into their capacities. They see the type of people they want to be and the type of nation they want to be part of - and they're building it."

Philippine Home: Dumaguete City
American Home: Garfield Heights, Ohio & Providence, Rhode Island
Current Home: Washington, DC

You'll find Rexy in minimalistic spaces so he has less of an opportunity to be cluttered. He needs lots of surfaces to write on because he's constantly outlining and making plans for the future of Kaya Co.

He likes open offices buzzing with productive people, but seeks privacy in accessible cave-like areas (sounds a little like the Ashoka office). One day, he'll live in a home with secret spaces, preferably behind a bookshelf or under a trap door. His necessity wherever he is? Coffee.


He's comfortable being the… Builder | Storyteller | Mobilizer

He feels especially productive… late at night when his productivity kicks in full, if he's not at home. And usually in the process of a poorly thought-out caffeine ingestion.

Try not to disturb him… when he's in his zone, hence the necessity of access to caves.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow by…

  • Continuing to tell the story of diaspora and motherland in a way that engages and includes more and more people
  • Generating and fleshing out important ideas about how this bridge can be built
  • Expanding and deepening the community and the institutions that tie it together
  • Enabling everyone within Kaya to grow into promoting these as well

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… having conversations and co-creation with everyone involved—from our team members to our partners to our advisors. He's excited to discover how much is possible and how much we’re able to shape, change, and influence.

One thing you should know… "I love you all!"

His favorite animal is… the panda because it's cute, obviously.

Contact him at gro.ocayak|yxer#gro.ocayak|yxer

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