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"To me, the Philippines is a home that I need to rediscover and personally reconnect with."

Philippine Home: Manila, Philippines
American Home: Ohio & San Mateo, California
Current Home: Bay Area

You'll find Payton in a studio apartment with at least a bed and a bathroom. Location is much more important to her. She prefers to work in coffee-shop-like environments that have the perfect amount of noise to zone out extra stuff without feeling totally seclusive.


She's comfortable being the… Analyst | Builder | Connector

She feels especially productive… from 12pm-5pm & 9pm-3am. She likes to see the big picture and then get to the nitty-gritty. She works better when there are specific action times and she likes deadlines.

Try not to disturb her… when she's sleeping or with family.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… being involved in the strategizing of how Kaya Co. can grow. The idea of Kaya is something that she really embraces in her personal life, and it’s something she's personally invested in. Because it's young, she don’t know where she fits in yet, but it’s something that she sees herself giving a lot to.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… engaging more with the Filipino-American / Filipino community. It’s not just for her own personal gain because it means nothing to her if she's not also working for a larger idea. Kaya Co. already embodies a lot of her personal interests. She can help with growing our impact and the impact of our message, as she continues to grow within the Filipino community. She keeps seeing how design can help create lasting change, and she wants to learn more about Human-Centered Design.

One thing you should know… she likes green tea. She wants to have fun at all times, but knows how to be productive. She likes to be straightforward with others and vice versa.

Her favorite animal is… the elephant because of their texture, size, fragility, and weirdness. Plus she doesn't like colors, so grey is really up her alley.

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