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"To me, the Philippines will always be home."

Philippine Home: Belair, Makati
American Home: Ohio, Pittsburgh, Virginia, San Francisco
Current Home: Somewhere in the middle of Ohio and Pittsburgh

You'll find Monica in the middle of the city where she can be surrounded by lots of people. She likes working in the presence of other people, like a coffee shop. She doesn't really have a consistent work environment, but she feels more productive when other people are concentrated.


She's comfortable being the… Builder | Connector

She feels especially productive… in the evening and in the morning when she's in the Philippines. Or in warm weather.

Try not to disturb her… when she's praying. Other than then, she loves being disturbed. When other people’s time is being compromised, she may not like to be disturbed. She works better when others are involved because she doesn’t like pushing their deadline.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… providing a different perspective since she's from the Philippines. She can help bridge people to the ones she knows in the Philippines. She can also help a lot with organization development and event planning there—she knows how it operates since its her home. She'd like to be the point person on that side of the world because she's taking a gap semester.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… learning a lot from how we work. She thinks any experience is a learning experience and learning systems makes her super happy. She's really into organizational development, and being able to see how different people work and collaborate. She thinks it’s because there’s something behind it that contributes to the bigger picture. With Kaya Co. it’s what’s better for the Philippines and the fellowship.

One thing you should know… feel free to bug her about deadlines because she prefers to be reminded constantly. Don't be afraid if you need something from her because she multitasks a lot.

Contact her at moc.liamg|otcer.acinom#moc.liamg|otcer.acinom

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