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"To me, the Philippines is my home… but it doesn’t always feel like it anymore. It's still my foundation, where I learned all my building blocks as a person, but things were added when I moved to America."

Philippine Home: Manila, Philippines
American Home: Providence, Rhode Island
Current Home: Providence during the school year

You'll find Moma in New York mingling with the design scene. She's really into graphic design and city life. Her dream is to work for the design firm HUGE.


She's comfortable being the… Analyst | Builder | Storyteller

She feels especially productive… late nights (10pm-2am) and mid-afternoons. Definitely not after she wakes up.

Try not to disturb her… when she's focused. She can work in groups really well and she's pretty relaxed with her schedule.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… building the brand and communicating ideas to people. She definitely got pulled in because of Rexy and the idea, but her loyalties lie with Rexy. She wants to get to know more of the Kaya team because she loves making new friends.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… growing as a professional. Kaya was her first real-world job or real-world experience of what a client would need. She mostly wants to understand more of the hands-on things. With a start-up brand like Kaya, she can see more of the impact she's making.

One thing you should know… she's clingy and just wants to be loved and just wants to love you.

Contact her at gro.ocayak|amoM#gro.ocayak|amoM


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