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"To me, the Philippines is the land I call my home and I hope to give back as much as it has given to me."

Philippine Home: Quezon City
American Home: Middletown, CT
Current Home: In an International Program house at Wesleyan

You'll find Mika in a private room that she's organized for herself. She likes things to be efficient yet decorated in a fun way that shows her personality. She likes knowing she has her private space even though she's never really alone.


She's comfortable being the… Connector | Storyteller

She feels especially productive… at night, maybe after dinner. Before dinner, she's just excited to eat! She does well with deadlines, so her personal deadline is when she sleeps.

Try not to disturb her… at night at least when she's working or early morning when she wakes up. She's very groggy in the morning.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… helping the Kaya Compass grow, even after it launches. She feels the need to help people see the relevance of it. As the leader of the Homeland Task Force, she would like to find individuals who will be the face of Kaya Co. in the Philippines and connect them through ideation and implementation. She wants to map out orgs internally and to support more innovation.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… growing as a social entrepreneur: meeting people from remote distances, delegating tasks, and motivating people. These are things that she's absorbing and learning herself.

One thing you should know… she hates fries.

Contact her at moc.liamg|enelehaleakim.seyer#moc.liamg|enelehaleakim.seyer

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