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"To me, the Philippines represents my culture and heritage, and will always be a part of my identity no matter where I go."

Philippine Home: Quezon City
American Home: Easthampton, MA
Current Home: Easthampton, MA / Wellesley, MA

You'll find Mara in a big city living close enough to transportation and the theater center. But later in life, she plans to live in a suburban home close enough to a big city of her choosing. For work, she likes to collaborate and be in a space that inspires creative solutions with a deliverables-focused mindset.


She's comfortable being the… Connector | Storyteller

She feels especially productive… early afternoon into evening, and occasionally very late at night.

Do not disturb her… early early morning and obviously when she's sleeping at night.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… first and foremost, aiding its growth as a resource for people considering the program, because she was able to experience a lot of it but not all of it, as a kaya friend but not a kaya fellow. So if anyone has questions, she would love to be be an additional resource and perspective. Also, she feels like continuing in projects like those of the Search Team and the NE US network.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… for her, it's about growing her Fil/Fil-Am network. In the past, she hadn't really had one. Through interviews through the Search team, she's been able to talk to people with a variety of backgrounds. It's played a large part in growing her identity.

One thing you should know… she someday hopes she can spend a longer period of time in the Philippines and be able to do some work there. Very specifically, she wants to work within the theater and performing art scene, so if anyone is planning on moving back for those reasons, talk to her!

Her favorite animal is… the Lioness because to her they represent strength, wildness, and fierceness because they do most of the work in the family. They're the main hunter and provider of food, so she just finds them such a power symbol.

Contact her at moc.duolci|amlaP.araM#moc.duolci|amlaP.araM

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