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"To me, the Philippines is going through an identity transformation and thus a community transformation."

Philippine Home: Cebu City
American Home: Belleville, NJ / Roseville, CA
Current Home: Berkeley, CA

You'll find Jon in an urban area that's not too far from a rural escape. It should have scenic views and a temperate climate. For now, he's content with a cozy apartment that has a lot of character.

His ideal workspace is bright, dynamic, collaborative, and innovative.


He's comfortable being the… Connector

He feels especially productive… during random bursts of drive and motivation.

Try not to disturb him… late at night because that's a little unprofesh.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow by… leveraging his experience with working and being exposed to various Filipino communities. He feels like he knows how to adapt his communication style to different kinds of audiences and also mesh those styles together, coming out with a very unique perspective. He also thinks that he can engage people very well and put an interesting yet personal twist on stories to get people to empathize with them.

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… being exposed to a very dynamic and innovative group of people. He's inspired be the Kaya Co. team because everyone seems so forward-thinking and he would love to learn from that.

His favorite animal… is the horse because they're so graceful and free.

His "aesthetic"… emerging yung pinoy

One thing you should know… sometimes he tends to put a lot on his plate and lose focus. He welcomes reminders and check-ins from people, and definitely understand when not to take things personally.

Contact him at gro.ocayak|noj#gro.ocayak|noj

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