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"To me the Philippines is my why. I’m a dude that’s very reason-oriented. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to move to New York was to reestablish my community roots. The Filipino NY community is so heavy and rich. Where I grew up in Pittsburgh, I had to spend time establishing a Filipino community. Through Filipino communities I try to get a sense of who I am."

Philippine Home: San Pedro, Laguna
American Home: New York, NY
Current Home: Astoria, Queens

You'll find Jed wherever there's a couch.


He's comfortable being the… Analyst | Builder

"I’m a big picture guy, I want to know why we do certain things, but once I figure out the why, I dive down meticulously."

He feels especially productive… whenever. He doesn’t have an internal clock. It depends more on his workload—he's more productive when he has a lot of work to do.

Try not to disturb him… anytime he's working.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow with… all our marketing efforts. He's pretty comfortable with social media now, and he'd love to help with the website and other SEO stuff. Anything marketing related, he's down.

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… having greater awareness of the homeland. He just recently got involved with the Fil-Am community, and found it's richness surprising. Before, he didn't know there was really much of a difference between Fil-Am and Filipino. He's going to continue with that sort of community involvement.

One thing you should know… he's pretty quiet because he's an introvert.

Contact him at moc.liamg|galebj#moc.liamg|galebj

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