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"To me, the Philippines has a lot of potential."

Philippine Home: Makati
American Home: Wesleyan / Apartment in NYC
Current Home: Wesleyan

You'll find Gaby where there's a lot of light, a comfortable bed, and books on the floor. She's a messy person. As for working she needs a very, very empty desk but a lot of inspiring posters/artwork.


She's comfortable being the… Builder | Connector | Storyteller

She feels especially productive… after meals, she needs a full stomach.

Try not to disturb her… when she's scheduled sleepy time.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… helping through the homeland task force, which she thinks is a really good idea. She hopes to create a branch of really great Filipinos who are equally devoted to Kaya's cause but also connected to organizations. It's a good way to establish roots, and it keeps it grounded.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… being able to breath the energy and people who are working towards the same cause. She's the type of person who’s really affected by her surroundings and needs good energy to thrive.

One thing you should know… when she makes good friends, they're friends for life.

Her favorite animal… is the cow because they're cute, duh.

Contact her at moc.nayelsew|alonitnomg#moc.nayelsew|alonitnomg

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