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"To me, the Philippines is home. My home :)"

Philippine Home: Green Meadows, Quezon City
American Home: Providence, Rhode Island
Current Home: Manila and Vancouver, Canada

You'll find Gabby surrounded by lots of windows and within easy access to food. She prefers a private apartment in a city. For work, she needs a desk, a yellow light, so she won't fall asleep, and a place where she can work with people, preferably on the same stuff.


She's comfortable being the… Connector

She feels especially productive… probably right after breakfast when she's gotten her coffee. She feels like she still has a lot of the day left to be productive.

Try not to disturb her… when she's reading. Even when she's just reading a sign on the road, she doesn’t like to be disturbed.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… figuring out a way to make it sustainable, even if Rexy or everyone else leaves. She wants to be able to start new ventures and spread them to wider parts of the community. She hopes to help with projects not just related to the fellowship because she think it's the only way Kaya can continue.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… learning more about the Fil-Am community. In Canada, there weren't that many Filipinos. After seeing what Fil-Ams go through, she wants to show a new perspective of going home to the Philippines because otherwise, our country will become stagnant.

One thing you should know… She's really into Russian literature. If you want to talk to her about something, make it Russian literature.

Contact her at ude.nworb|eed_elleirbag_eiram#ude.nworb|eed_elleirbag_eiram

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