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"To me, the Philippines is home. No matter where I find myself I think the PH is where my mind and my heart always goes."

Philippine Home: Silang, Cavite
American Home: Middlebury College (VT)
Current Home: Bourdeaux, France

You'll find Gabbie in a small and cozy Filipino style apartment.

Her ideal workspace is somewhere with a nice view.


She's comfortable being the… Analyst | Connector | Builder

She loves trying to make sense of data, and trying to find ways to get the data. She's really interested in the gap that Kaya Co. is trying to fill. She also loves backstage behind the scenes work and asking a lot of questions.

She feels especially productive… at night around 10 pm, particularly before a deadline.

Try not to disturb her… when she's trying to spend time by herself, sometimes she makes efforts to disconnect.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… contributing her perspective as a Filipino native to the conversation. As someone who grew up in and still has very strong ties to the PH, she feels as if half of herself is there, and she can contribute meaningfully to any dialogue. She thinks that Kaya Co. is a little bit of the actualization of what she'd always been thinking about growing up – how to contribute to her country. That question definitely blew up in propotion when she left to study in the US. Kaya Co. gives her the ability to actually do something towards finding an answer to that question. For her, as she personally strives to answer that, keeping that in mind with Kaya Co.'s mission and vision, it is a general way she can help Kaya Co. blossom.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… doing something concrete and productive for the Philippines. She thinks before this it was always idealism in her head, always this passion, anger, and frustration. But now, she can say that she's actually taking steps to actually tackle the issues. She found that immediately after the fellowship, she started to think: where does this lead?

Her favorite animal… is the firefly! She grew up having fireflies in her room after she moved out of the Manila. They would just fly in. At night, it felt like someone else was sorta keeping her company if she couldn’t sleep. They represent calm and company to her.

Her "aesthetic"… "Shepherd" "Nameless"

One thing you should know… she loves questions, loves long abstract discussions, which she had a lot of this summer.

Contact her at gro.ocayak|eibbag#gro.ocayak|eibbag

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