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"To me, the Philippines is a place of resiliency, and of always striving towards home."

Philippine Home: Either Metro Manila, where most of my family lives, or San Juan, Batangas, where my family inherited my grandpa’s farm.
American Home: Phoenix, Arizona
Current Home: Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

You'll find Erlinda in a place that has a nice kitchen, preferably with an island, where she has her own washer and drier. Oh, and space. She just really likes space.

Her ideal work space is clean, organized, has a computer, and a place where she can still listen to music, either through headphones or through speakers. If she's allowed to play her music and people don’t mind, that’s fine; or if they do mind, then she can just use her headphones!


She's comfortable being the… Connector | Builder

She feels especially productive… she doesn’t know anymore. In undergrad it was at 1:00am. This year it was during her commute, because it was an hour to two hours. Now, it’s whenever she gets the motivation. Really, whatever fits her schedule.

Try not to disturb her… when she's trying to sleep.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… helping us stay organized and keeping everything on track. She thinks it would also be great to actually help with preparing the fellows beforehand, so they don’t come into the Philippines not knowing anything.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… maintaining the connection she's built to the Philippines through Kaya by keeping in touch with what’s going on there. It’s her gateway to stay informed, because what Kaya fellows learn is how much the Philippines still impacts us and how it’s still our home, to a degree. She realized that her identity struggled with being American; and going to the Philippines made her realize she's not full-on Filipino either. It came to a point where she had a slight sense of not belonging anywhere. But by staying connected, she can either grow it, or keep it where it is.

Her favorite animal… is the platypus! Because they're weird and different.

One thing you should know… She's really into diversity issues, and she likes meeting people! If you want to know more, we should meet up!

Contact her at moc.liamg|8zurcaledadnilre#moc.liamg|8zurcaledadnilre

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