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"To me, the Philippines will always be an undeniable part of me."

Philippine Home: where he feels the most supportive family is a small impoverished community where he used to volunteer called Kapit-bisig. Also, Quezon City.

American Home: Pacific Northwest

Current Home: Washington, DC

You'll find Daniel in private quarters or pretty much anywhere there’s a bed and a clean kitchen. He needs plenty of open desk space, with a PC that has a large monitor. When he's working, he doesn’t mind being surrounded by white noise as long as he has his space.


He's comfortable being the…
Analyst | Builder | Mobilizer | Connector | Storyteller

"I identify with all of them because what I really want to do is be able to strategically think about the way other people can experience the world in their own way. It happens in the systems approach and in the more down-to-earth human approach."

He feels especially productive… in the early morning when he's still able to start the day anew with a lot of energy and motivation. He can also work late at night when he can really sit down and brainstorm.

Try not to disturb him… when he's already doing something you're about to remind him to do.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow by… matching leadership opportunities to appropriate people and seeing how people outside of Kaya can get involved. He's most excited about turning the curriculum into something that can be utilized by a large population. He wants to help develop a team that would be able to replicate the curriculum. His biggest questions are: What are we going to do? Who are we going to reach out to? and How do we systematize it? He thinks Kaya Co. needs to be something everybody can utilize, so that it doesn't have to be such a small network.

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… learning more about networking and entrepreneurship. They’re not particularly in his future as professional skills he'll need, but he likes getting to know different fields and their people. The more he understands about them the better he can understand a whole section of people who, for them, entrepreneurship is their life.

One thing you should know… don't mess with him because he's a second-dan blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do.

Contact him at moc.liamg|htiffirgefaneub.leinad#moc.liamg|htiffirgefaneub.leinad

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