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"To me, the Philippines takes pride in its attitudes, beliefs, and customs, and rightfully so because it is one of the most selfless, food-sharing, and caring countries."

Philippine Home: anywhere where I feel the love and warmth that reminds me of the inclusive, caring Filipino community

American Home: Los Angeles, CA

Current Home: Los Angeles, CA

You'll find Brian wherever he can put some random, cute decor that reminds him of his interests and hobbies. So posters of movies he likes, random things like a light box from Typo, and things for his media assortment: DVDs, CDs, magazines. It needs to be filled with organizational things such as cabinets, bookcases and such because he is a hoarder and he keeps many mementos and things for a long time.

As for my work space, he needs a clean area that is visually appealing. Sometimes in the company of other people, virtual or not. He tends to work really well when he is around others even though he doesn’t interact with them, like strangers at a coffee shop.


He's comfortable being the…
Analyst | Builder | Mobilizer | Connector

He feels especially productive… usually evening to nighttime. He probably starts feeling comfortable getting things done around 3 to 4 pm. Then he slowly begins the process of starting to work on the things he needs to do. He loves ending up at the coffee shop around 6 and just sitting there until 10PM, when he has to get the tasks done.

Try not to disturb him… when he's trying to think of something to say, or answer, or generate a response. Silence is bliss, and he kind of needs that room to think to be able to answer.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow by… providing support and positive energy to everyone and their projects. He looks forward to utilizing his strategic and creative strengths to expand Kaya further in a logical, thoughtful process. He looks forward to transitioning to different roles in Kaya Co as he gains more skills and experience. For now, he hopes to raise funds and get the Southern California area hyped.

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… growing and working with passionate, driven, individuals with different skill sets and personalities. He has already seen growth just through the interview phase of the fellowship. He usually thinks logically and strategically and doesn't dig into deeper meanings. Rexy helped clarify and broaden his perspective when they interviewed a candidate for the fellowship. Also, he hopes to gain valuable skills that will put him out there more, such as making elevator pitches and requests for funding.

One thing you should know… When it comes to music, he is often known as Throwback Brian.

His favorite animal is… the llama. He was a part of neopets way before the Napoleon Dynamite hype. "Live on purple mooing llamas, live on."

Side note: "When I was in Singapore, I came across Kaya toast or kaya jam which is like a coconut jam but sometimes green or orange. It’s really tasty. Reminded me of Kaya Collaborative."

Contact him at moc.liamg|evanac.nairb#moc.liamg|evanac.nairb

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