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"To me, the Philippines is home. Growing up, my parents would always call it “going home.” I’ve always associated it with family and where my parents grew up. After being there in the summer, I can definitely call it my home as well."

Philippine Home: her "home home" in LA with her family
American Home: all the schools she's ever been to
Current Home: Stanford, CA

You'll find April anywhere with something to sleep on, a nice sound system for her jams, and a comfortable place for people to sit – She likes having people over and being surrounded by folks. Other than that, she doesn’t need much. For working, she likes to be somewhere well-lit, spacious, and with a nice view. And she's always down for group studying!


She's comfortable being the… Analyst | Builder | Storyteller

She feels especially productive… when she's in a space where she can cross things off her list and also when she's with people who inspire her to be more productive. She makes a lot of lists; every Sunday, she makes a list of things to do for the week.

She welcome distractions and is always down! Usually when there’s a deadline and things are piling up, she locks herself up and says goodbye to civilization for a few hours. Other than that, she's so down when people want to talk. She values people and relationships a lot.


She sees herself helping Kaya Co. grow by… supporting its projects when she can. Right now, it’s hard to see because she's dividing her time between school and pre-med stuff. But she thinks it’s really cool that Kaya Co. has so many projects, even though it can be hard to keep track.

She’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… helping her manage her own time. It would also allow her to connect to more people and understand issues for herself—doing all these Searcher interviews has helped her understand different perspectives more deeply. Kaya has also helped her reach out to people outside of the community, something she wouldn’t have done without Kaya. She's really proud to be a part of Kaya, and she gets happy when she gets to tell people stories about her involvement.

One thing you should know… she has a tendency to not speak up whether it’s in discussions, projects, etc. because she's a little more reserved at the beginning, but that doesn’t mean that she's not engaged with what's going on. It just takes a while for her to break the barrier. She cares :)

Her favorite animals are… Pandas! She definitely binges on panda videos – she likes seeing them roll around like balls! There was one time her anatomy teacher called pandas useless, and she got so mad at her!

Contact her at ude.drofnats|1alirpa#ude.drofnats|1alirpa

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