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"To me, the Philippines is where I belong."

Philippine Home: Camotes or wherever he finds family
American Home: my family in Missouri
Current Home: LA, California

You'll find Anthony in a room to himself somewhere close enough where he can drive and see nature on the weekends and escape.

His ideal workspace is somewhere collaborative where he can talk to people, yet still have a space for himself.


He's comfortable being the… Connector | Storyteller

He feels especially productive… after a nap (of which he takes regularly).

Try not to disturb him… between 2am and 10am.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow by… getting the word out and getting more FilAms to know about Kaya Co.'s mission. He hopes to be an example for others and represent Kaya Co. when he reaches his achievements.

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… hearing the different stories of the FilAm diaspora. He thinks that the fact that Kaya Co. was able to bring together 9 very different FilAms was special, it wasn't necessarily being in the PH that made it so, just hearing the different stories and upbringings was special. He really wants to meet more people that are tied to this mission.

His favorite animal… is probably dogs but he's scared of them at the same time. He guesses the alpaca because it starts with the letter A.

His "aesthetic"… #islandboynormcore

One thing you should know… "I always say that I was born in a chicken coop, but that’s getting stale."

"I’m really into The Voice PH, I spend a lot of time watching numerous singing competitions."

Contact him at gro.ocayak|ynohtna#gro.ocayak|ynohtna

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