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"To me, the Philippines is a home that I never really left."

Philippine Home: Quezon City, Philippines
American Home: Los Angeles, California
Current Home: California

You'll find Alfred wherever there are lots of windows with a nice view outside. He needs very minimal furniture, but there definitely needs to be a heater, and maybe a plant. He likes to have a desk at home right in front of a sunshiny window, but he also likes to be in a busy place where there’s background noise that isn't music.


He's comfortable being the… Builder | Connector | Storyteller

He feels especially productive… in the mornings from 10-12. When he has a good start, he can pretty much accomplish anything. But when he works really late (11-12) he can come up with really good ideas.

Try not to disturb him… when he's eating, especially at a networking event. Why do people do that? He respects the 9-5 work day for others, but he doesn’t expect that from others.


He sees himself helping Kaya Co. grow by… first, finishing the Compass. Once we’ve connected people, then he'll start thinking about Phase 2 which looks at the specific steps we can take to really make a difference over there and satisfy their needs. We’re still a young org, so he feels like we can still use a lot of focusing and honing in on what really matters to us. It feels really general for him right now, but after we’ve created this Compass, he thinks we need to make it more tangible.

He’d like to grow through Kaya Co. by… possibly trying to grow into being a builder instead of just a storyteller and connector. But he's really not sure. After being a Kaya Fellow, his goal was to work with an organization in the social entrepreneurship field. But now with the compass, he realizes he still needs to develop more skills, like coding. He feels like Kaya has been providing his with that space and drive to eventually grow into a builder.

One thing you should know… he's not an actor, no matter what any of the other Kaya people tell you. He can be fun but also take things seriously.

Contact him at moc.liamg|ocoicid.derfla#moc.liamg|ocoicid.derfla

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